Saturday’s = Tailgating

In the South– Saturday’s in the Fall mean one thing and one thing only…. TAILGATE SEASON 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’m not going to pretend I’m super into sports, or have a vast knowledge of the game itself…. but one thing I do know is how to tailgate!


Thus, I thought I would list a few key ingredients that when put together… make one sweet, sweet tailgate…

  1. Adult Beverages – My “must-have’s” for the cooler are Corona Light, Bud Light, and if your feeling a little bougie… black cherry white claw (low in sugar and carbs for you non-beer lovers)(find here). (Disclaimer—don’t be an idiot, drink responsibly…this is why we have uber/lyft/ cabs/ sober friends)
  2. Ice – don’t forget to stock up for the coolers…. because nothing causes a buzz kill more than warm beer???
  3. Snick Snacks – a word in my family we use for light appetizers. Some crowd pleasers are jalapeño poppers (one of my fav recipe’s here), BBQ meatballs (example here), buffalo chicken dip (example here), and fruit/ veggie tray
  4. Music- whatever genre gets you and your people groovin’! Make sure to bring a speaker and CHARGE it! One of the biggest party fouls is having the jam-sesh end mid-tailgate…..
  5. Hand Sanitizer- do I really need to explain?
  6. Napkins/ Paper towels –because intoxicated humans are messy
  7. Sunscreen – being preventative is HOT (get it?! Literally and metaphorically)
  8. Sunglasses – no one likes a squinter (is that a word?) in group pics 😉
Lovely Snick Snacks’s 🙂

Honestly, if you just surround yourself with good friends and good vibes… that alone will add up to one hell of a Saturday!

Untill next time friends…





Nashville /// Raleigh



Music City to the capitol of North Carolina…. this is what my summer of 2017 has consisted of. Before I get you to the “now”, I have to let you in on the “then”…

4 years ago, I made the decision to move to Nashville, TN to pursue a life in music business. I knew no one… I mean no ONE…. had very little experience, and very little self confidence. Truth be told, when asked about why I was leaving the town that was so familiar to me, I normally listed off all of these inspiring mantras…. I want to pursue a career! I want to travel! Pave my own path!…. but honestly I was stuck in a place that everywhere I turned showed me reminders of the negative in my life…. heartache, disappointments and mistakes from both others and myself. I wanted a clean slate. A chance to redefine myself and find new happiness. And Nashville was just that.

In Nashville, I made amazing friends (obvi Taylere is one), had great experiences, grew as a woman, gained a sense of independence I had never felt before, and the confidence to be who I truly was. So… you may be thinking…. if Nashville had such a positive experience on me, why would I leave?!?

The answer is family. Simple as that.

I love Nashville, and who knows… maybe I’ll end up there again one day, but for  now, Raleigh… aka “home”… is where I’m meant to be!

Sorry there isn’t some forbidden love affair that has gone terribly, terribly wrong  to share with y’all {well maybe later 😉 }… but I promise to deliver some hilarious…. and beyond embarrassing bumble date stories in the posts to come 🙂

So… stay tuned friends… the ride’s just beginning!



Finding Myself at 27

smiling outfit post bourbon + vine
silk cami: Versona Boutique; similar here + here, shorts: Zara (2016, $40) similar ones here + here
Bourbon + Vine Outfit Post
Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mac Crossbody’: embossed leather with gunmetal details (very old, but always a ride or die; I think she only does the ‘mini mac’ now, but those are just as awesome) current faves here + here
bourbon + vine window photo outfit
Gold hoop earings: Charming Charlieshere
Bourbon + Vine Outfit post
Sandals: Topshop 2016 @ Nordstrom: similar here + here
Bourbon + Vine Sending love photo
Sending love your way kitties ❤

The choice to move to Tennessee was one that was a sink or swim moment in my life. I’d basically been born and raised in Tampa, FL (with small stints in both New Jersey & Miami) and after having a few of the worst years of my life, I knew I needed to pick myself up by my bootstraps (HA…because I moved to Nashville..get it?!?! ), and do something that I knew I would either fail miserably at, or thrive like I had never done before. I desperately wanted to move somewhere that I didn’t know a soul, and I could be the exact version of myself that I’d always wanted to be — independent, driven, fun loving, and most of all…happy with myself again.

When I got in my car with my dog (Sebastian) at 3am after saying goodbye to my parents, I cried almost the entire 12 hours to Nashville, then I walked into my itty bitty empty apartment and cried a little more. Had I just made the worst mistake of my life? Why would I move somewhere so far from the people and things I loved? Could I actually do this? The next day, I woke up and began exploring my new city… the parks..the restaurants… speaking to the people — I could DEFINITELY do this, just take it one day at a time.

Here I am a year and 4 months later, and I can honestly say moving to Nashville was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my adult life, with myself, my body image, my mental state, and even my friends. Speaking of, you know when you watch Sex in the City as a younger girl and you look at Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte and you think – I wish someday I could have friends like that —the no topic off limits, zero judgement, laugh until you cry type of friends that are your real soulmates? Yeah, those are my girls here. I hope that every lady someday finds friends like mine that will lift you up when you’re sad, push you when you need it, and support each other like all women (and hell- people) should, but rarely do.

I’m not sure if it’s my age, the move to a new city, or a combination of everything that has changed my body image so drastically. However, I’m so happy it has. We, as women deal with a lot of shit…..constantly. I know I don’t have to mention the negative things we say or think about ourselves, and God forbid, other people. But, at 27 years old, I’m FINALLY happy with the body I’ve been dealt. Is it perfect? HELL NO, I love tacos and bourbon way too much — but ladies, rock hard abs & JLO booties are NOT realistic for…well…me at least. I’d rather eat my body weight in sushi (which I actually did on Friday I think), and drink copious amounts of bourbon when appropriate (and not) and be happy… and a little jiggly in places. Hey – let’s be real, I’ve never had a man turn down anything I’m offering because I don’t have a 6 pack. Be positive with yourself, learn to love your body one step/part at a time. You’ll be happy you did; I know I am.

Nashville was my make it or break it moment, that ended up being an amazing catalyst for love and happiness within myself. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but may have been too scared before to do. It might end up being a catalyst for something(s) even greater. Life is precious and short — live it to your fullest lovely’s.

Sending nothing but love your way,