That New New in Nashville

Off Shouolder Top + Jean Shorts + Wedges



Off Shouolder Top + Jean Shorts + Wedges

Off Shouolder Top + Jean Shorts + Wedges


Off Shouolder Top + Jean Shorts + Wedges


Off Shouolder Top + Jean Shorts + Wedges


Our beautiful fall(ish) weather has officially left Nashville now, and man it feels like summer is back and in full swing. So, I’m fighting the urge to wear all black and leather to save myself from overheating if I look out a window. 😂

So, after feeling like a cooped up chicken over the last few weekends, this weekend I told my girlfriends NO MORE!!! WE ARE DOING THINGS THIS WEEKEND!! And yes, I said it just like that, but more excited… and with backbone, so none of them gave up and said: “but I’m too tired” ( something that each of us pulls on a regular basis, because..well..Netflix and pjs is a whole lot more enticing than putting on tight jeans and doing our makeup).

We, ok I…ok EVERYONE in Nashville, has an outrageously long list of restaurants to try out, and my friends and I are going to eat all the food, and sample all the drinks – because why the hell not?!?! This weekend, I knocked 3 of those restaurants off in one swoop (insert Napoleon Dynamite “yes” meme here).

Friday night, Christina and I went to Little Octopus, which is a Latin American/Carribean influenced tapas style restaurant in the Gulch. Let me just say…YUM! Somehow, in all my excitement to try the place, and document it  — I forgot to document it at all. Fine, actually it was because I was going to eat my arm off and couldn’t wait to dig in, and it wasn’t until we were done and chatting about how amazing everything was that I gasped “ OH MY GOD I DIDN’T TAKE ANY PICTURES UGHHHHHHHH” (again just like that). So, basically, I’ll be going back — damn. This time, here’s what we had:

Market Fish Ceviche – which was a very mild, lightly citrusy version that was very pleasant!

Melon w/ Chili, Lime, Peanuts & Mint good – but not like what I thought…I’d definitely make it at home though as a fresh snack.

Jamaican Curry Goat w/ Potato Gnocchi – honestly, my favorite thing we had. It was wonderfully rich and nicely balanced by the gnocchi. I had never tried goat before, and this was fantastically done.

Squash w/ Almond Meal, Cotija cheese and Chipotle oil – which was like squash Mac and cheese…YES, EVERYTHING YES. Definitely something that I’ll be recreating at home, with a few tweaks of my own.

Saturday was my self-pamper day — I had a morning massage, followed by some light retail therapy, and then a mani. At about 5:30, Christina called me and said she was starving and asked if I had eaten yet, the answer was of course no. So we decided to try AVO – a completely vegan experience. Excuse the less than great photos, we sat outside, and the table is less than photogenic, but it was so delicious anyway!!

Avo Margarita – tasted like if avocado ice cream and a margarita had a baby.

Kimchi Spring Rolls my new obsession, SO amazing.

Kelp Noodle Pad Thai very good, lots of raw zucchini noodles and cabbage with a delicious light sauce, so refreshing!

Black Currant Cheesecake their cheesecake has an incredible light and fluffy consistency, and their crust is delish. So good the calories don’t count b/c it’s vegan right!?

Then this morning Christina and I went to Marche – which I think is one of my new favorite brunch spots in Nashville. The line to wait is a little lengthy, but so is everywhere else in Nashville. Plus it’s just so cute inside that it doesn’t matter.

Root Doctor & Bloody Mary- Christina got the Root Doctor (bourbon, turmeric tonic, basil & club soda – so delicious), and honestly I was a bit hungover to enjoy my Bloody Mary, so hers was better 🙂 

American Breakfast – pretty true to its name..and I was starved, so I also had a side of roasted potatoes to it…but gosh it hit the spot!

The rest of today, I’ve been useless, and slightly moody. I had great intentions of coming home and reorganizing my disaster of a closet, to help with the lack of inspiration I’ve been feeling lately with my wardrobe, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I’ve been binge watching Ozark all day. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Does anyone else have a severe obsession with food like I do? I think it’s a condition. Drop some places you guys like to go in the comments!

Lots of love!

– Tay


Ripping up my Home…

Linen Skirt, crop top, leather mules outfit post

Linen Skirt, crop top, leather mules outfit post


Linen Skirt, crop top, leather mules outfit post

Top: Blush | Skirt: Banana Republic  {SIMILAR}| Mules: {SIMILAR} {SIMILAR} | Sunnies: Ray Bans

Today I write with a heavy, and frightened heart. I’ve actually been staring at my laptop, coming up with very average blog post ideas for about 4 hours, but all I truly want to write about is my family — so that’s what I’ll do.

Hurricane Irma is quickly, and violently, approaching my hometown of Tampa, FL. Half of my family has evacuated to higher ground, but they’re all essentially still in Tampa. I worry, not about the things – those can be replaced & are insured, but more about my dad’s home, and the memories we’ve made there over the last few years. Nothing will ever take those away from my mind, but as I’m a sentimental type of human, reliving them when I go home for the holidays is one of my favorite things.

I love sitting on the porch where my dad married the love of his life, Lise, in front of all of our family & friends, and remembering the sheer joy on his face. The goodbyes in the driveway, always at the crack of dawn before I left to come back to Nashville. Sitting at my dad’s bar in the man-cave, talking for hours about nonsense, troubles, loves, and sipping on his newest favorite bourbon. I remember sitting at the kitchen counter, while my soon to be step mom, Lise, told me that I could do anything I wanted to, and if that was move somewhere I didn’t know a soul – I should try, and that I would get through whatever was ripping me apart emotionally at the time.

While I know that my mom and that side of my family is on higher ground, I’m still riddled with worry about the damage that could still happen around them.

As I sit on my porch writing this in the most beautiful weather that Nashville has seen all year, glued to my phone and computer for updates, I know that my home town is about to have immense destruction done to it over the next 24 hours.  That truly scares me. I’m a serial control freak, and being so removed from such a major event is really affecting me this weekend. I hate not being able to help at all – I’m not a sit and wait kind of girl.

I’m not a big religious person, but I pray that my family and friends are safe – and get through this unscathed. I pray for all of Florida.

Worried, anxious, hopeful, & praying,


Finding Myself at 27

smiling outfit post bourbon + vine
silk cami: Versona Boutique; similar here + here, shorts: Zara (2016, $40) similar ones here + here
Bourbon + Vine Outfit Post
Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mac Crossbody’: embossed leather with gunmetal details (very old, but always a ride or die; I think she only does the ‘mini mac’ now, but those are just as awesome) current faves here + here
bourbon + vine window photo outfit
Gold hoop earings: Charming Charlieshere
Bourbon + Vine Outfit post
Sandals: Topshop 2016 @ Nordstrom: similar here + here
Bourbon + Vine Sending love photo
Sending love your way kitties ❤

The choice to move to Tennessee was one that was a sink or swim moment in my life. I’d basically been born and raised in Tampa, FL (with small stints in both New Jersey & Miami) and after having a few of the worst years of my life, I knew I needed to pick myself up by my bootstraps (HA…because I moved to Nashville..get it?!?! ), and do something that I knew I would either fail miserably at, or thrive like I had never done before. I desperately wanted to move somewhere that I didn’t know a soul, and I could be the exact version of myself that I’d always wanted to be — independent, driven, fun loving, and most of all…happy with myself again.

When I got in my car with my dog (Sebastian) at 3am after saying goodbye to my parents, I cried almost the entire 12 hours to Nashville, then I walked into my itty bitty empty apartment and cried a little more. Had I just made the worst mistake of my life? Why would I move somewhere so far from the people and things I loved? Could I actually do this? The next day, I woke up and began exploring my new city… the parks..the restaurants… speaking to the people — I could DEFINITELY do this, just take it one day at a time.

Here I am a year and 4 months later, and I can honestly say moving to Nashville was the best decision I’ve ever made. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my adult life, with myself, my body image, my mental state, and even my friends. Speaking of, you know when you watch Sex in the City as a younger girl and you look at Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte and you think – I wish someday I could have friends like that —the no topic off limits, zero judgement, laugh until you cry type of friends that are your real soulmates? Yeah, those are my girls here. I hope that every lady someday finds friends like mine that will lift you up when you’re sad, push you when you need it, and support each other like all women (and hell- people) should, but rarely do.

I’m not sure if it’s my age, the move to a new city, or a combination of everything that has changed my body image so drastically. However, I’m so happy it has. We, as women deal with a lot of shit…..constantly. I know I don’t have to mention the negative things we say or think about ourselves, and God forbid, other people. But, at 27 years old, I’m FINALLY happy with the body I’ve been dealt. Is it perfect? HELL NO, I love tacos and bourbon way too much — but ladies, rock hard abs & JLO booties are NOT realistic for…well…me at least. I’d rather eat my body weight in sushi (which I actually did on Friday I think), and drink copious amounts of bourbon when appropriate (and not) and be happy… and a little jiggly in places. Hey – let’s be real, I’ve never had a man turn down anything I’m offering because I don’t have a 6 pack. Be positive with yourself, learn to love your body one step/part at a time. You’ll be happy you did; I know I am.

Nashville was my make it or break it moment, that ended up being an amazing catalyst for love and happiness within myself. Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but may have been too scared before to do. It might end up being a catalyst for something(s) even greater. Life is precious and short — live it to your fullest lovely’s.

Sending nothing but love your way,