About Tay + Ames

Well hello there lovely’s!

Welcome to Bourbon + Vine, we are SO happy you’re here with us! You’re in for an entertaining ride…to say the least. Bourbon & Vine was formed one night in Nashville, TN with two friends, a glass of bourbon,  and a desire to share the best & worst parts of being 20 something (maybe not for much longer 😉 ).  We’re Taylere & Amy, and we hope you’re game for food, fashion, life, and lots of bourbon & sarcasm! After all, bourbon & sarcasm are what we’re made of. 


I’m in the advertising industry in Nashville, TN by day, and a husky mother, bourbon drinker, and sarcasm slinger by night. If that wasn’t enough, I’m also a 27 year old, high heel hoarding, make up obsessed, serial over-dresser that is bound and determined to experience ALL THE THINGS (insert cliche meme here) before I die. God – I’d make one hell of a superhero with that set of skills, huh?  Back to reality, I’d probably need tights and gloves for that…maybe I can…ok…NO, TOO MUCH. For real(ish) this time, adulting sucks (can I get an AMEN on that?), but I’m passionate about life, fun, and yes – I’m working on my filter every damn day (some things will slip, I’m only human), and keeping the F$#& boys honest is a full time job in itself.


Music runs in my blood, it’s what makes me tick… Besides that? I’m just a 24yr old female trying to navigate this crazy world we call life… Trying to balance a career, relationships, family, friends, and the glass of bourbon or wine in my hand at all times. Born & raised in NC, lived in Nashville, TN the past 4 years but recently made the bold decision to move back to my hometown of Raleigh. Proud dog mom (Theo) and auntie to the two CUTEST nephews on the planet.

Get ready for funny, failed bumble dates, bad hair days, good hair days (I think I had one in 2015?), where in town to grab the best glass of whiskey or wine, easy-to-fix crowd pleasing snick snacks (we’ll get into this later), and the daily thoughts of someone just as crazy as you… 😉


Anyway, let’s get this party started…xoxo Tay & Ames 


**As new bloggers, we’re always open to partnering with new friends and brands! Please feel free to reach out to us at bourbonNvine (@) gmail (.) com.


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